Cài đặt WinRAR trên Windows 10, 8.1, 8 và Win 7

How do I install WinRAR on Windows Vista or Windows 7?

      • Vist BuyRAR.com and go to the latest downloads section
      • When you receive the File Download – Security Warning box, select the “Save” button. (NOTE: You can optionally choose the Run option, but this is not recommended as it poses greater security risk)
      • The “Save as Type” drop-down should say “Application”
      • Click the “Save” button
      • Click on the Windows button, and choose your name under your profile image.
      • Double-click on the Downloads folder
      • Double-click on the file you downloaded from the list (for example, wrar531.exe for 32 bit versions and winrar-x64-531.exe for 64 bit versions)NOTE: The 32-bit version will work in 64-bit versions of Windows, but 64-bit versions do not work on 32-bit Windows. Check your system for the option that best matches your system.
      • If the User Account Control box comes up, click on the Allow button
      • Click the Install button
      • On the WinRAR Setup box, you may make changes to the configuration, but we recommend you leave the defaults for now (you can change them later from inside WinRAR)
      • Click the OK button
      • Click the Done button
      • A window will display with the icons that were added to your Start Menu, which you can close.

The WinRAR application can now be run through the Start menu (Windows button) or through the right-click options as you are working with the files.