So sánh Lumion 8 và Lumion 8 Pro

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Description Lumion Lumion Pro
Floating licenses
Hand-drawn outline effect
Soften hard edges
Tilt Shift
Model and material variation options
Measuring tool and grid object
Speedray™ Reflections
Foliage for materials
OpenStreetMap import
Area lights and line lights
Model library 1,465 models
View library
4,395 models
View library
High quality animated 3D people from aXYZ Design Only Standard Models 130 Extra Models
Ambient Sound Effects No Sound Effects 123 Sound Effects
In-scene 3D Text effect
Advanced 3D Title Effects No Title effect • 27 Title effects
• 12 built-in fonts
• Support for custom fonts
Merge project files (for projects with multiple users)
Output to real-time fly-through via Lumion Viewer
Output of background music/sound in MP4