So sánh các phiên bản Mocha

Bảng so sánh

Mocha Pro 2019

Mocha in Continuum/Sapphire

Mocha in Bundles:

Mocha AE / Mocha HitFilm

Planar Tracking

Roto & Masking

AdjustTrack Module

Essentials Interface

✓ (AE Only)

Remove Module w/ Clean Plating

Stabilization Module w/ Auto-Fill

Lens Module

Insert Module for Match Moves w/ Mesh Warper

3D Camera Solver

(HitFilm Only)


Stereoscopic 3D

Standalone Application Option

Integrated Plug-in Option

Floating License & BG Render Options

GPU Acceleration

✓ (AE Only)

Magnetic Spline & Freehand Spline Tools

Export track, roto & 3D data to wide range of hosts (see exports chart)

macOS & Windows Support

Linux Support

(Sapphire Only)