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Nhấp vào Tải xuống bên dưới để cài đặt Bản dùng thử miễn phí 60 ngày của vMix PRO hoặc để cập nhật bản sao vMix được cấp phép của bạn (khi đã mua bản quyền). Nội dung tải xuống bên dưới bao gồm phiên bản mới nhất của vMix, vMix Social, vMix GT Title Designer và vMix Desktop Capture tất cả trong một.

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vMix Download vMix 23 (

vMix includes some open source libraries. Details of some these libraries and applicable source code are available here.

Download vMix Desktop Capture

Click below to download the vMix Desktop Capture program for Windows and OSX.

Download Desktop Capture For Windows

vMix Desktop Capture Desktop Capture For Windows (

Download Desktop Capture For Mac

vMix Desktop Capture Desktop Capture For Mac (

Release Notes

Release Notes for vMix 23 – 11 December 2019

Click here for a changelog of updates since vMix 23 was released


  • SRT – Secure Reliable Transport is a point to point protocol for fixed latency streams of an unreliable internet.
  • vMix supports multiple inputs (Stream Input) and up to 4 Outputs in vMix 4K and Pro (1 output in all other editions).
  • GPU acceleration where possible for H264 and HEVC streams. 2 Stream PC encode limit applies to GeForce cards, CPU fallback available where not available on the GPU.

More Audio Buses

  • A-B audio buses expanded to A-G for a total of 14 channels of audio (7x 2 channel pairs)
  • Audio buses can be routed to Master to use as groups by selecting the new M button in the audio mixer.
  • SRT supports up to 8 channels audio in or out. Magewell, AJA and Blackmagic devices support up to 8.
  • vMix AVI supports full 16 channel audio recording (Master + ABCDEFG)

Mix Input (4K and Pro only)

  • Add a “mini mixer” input to vMix with a dedicated Preview/Output bus, Cut and Transition button.
  • Existing shortcuts can be used with the new Mix dropdown option to select from 1-4 where 1= main mix, 2 = first mix input and so on.
  • Mix inputs support ‘re-entry’ and can be used as Input MultiView sources without any additional latency.

vMix Media Converter

  • Bulk transcoding utility to convert vMix AVI into ProRes compatible MOV files for use in video editors such as Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve

GT Text Bounding

  • Link rectangles, images and other GT elements to Text fields set to auto width and/or height.
  • This allows elements to match the size of the text with an optional padding value on each side..


  • Updated NDI support to latest 4.1 SDK
  • Includes updates to MultiCorder to support recording NDI sources directly to MOV without recompresion.


  • Add option to select either Output 1 or Output 2 for each stream through the Streaming Quality window.
  • Facebook can now be used alongside other destinations due to Facebook policy change
  • Facebook scheduled streams can now be selected and created from within vMix
  • Improved codec support for video playback including NDI MOV files with alpha channel
  • Web Controller authentication support allows setting a password for each page
  • Added ability to select a Row for each text field now in Data Sources
  • Added 2x zoom option to Vectorscope
  • Added Mixer and Lightcast streaming providers to Destination dropdown
  • Added Unselect All option when opening a preset.
  • Updated Web Browser input to V77 of Chrome. Older versions still selectable from dropdown for compatibility.