Làm thế nào để kích hoạt Mesh2Surface

Kích hoạt trên máy tính đơn lẻ – single computer

1. Make sure you have Rhinoceros 6 or Rhinoceros 5 installed.

2. If you haven’t installed Mesh2Surface yet, you must download and install it.

The installed version is a fully functional version which can be used for 14 days.

After 14 days the software will stop working and will request an activation key. The activation key is based on the computer MAC address.

ONLINE ACTIVATION: If the computer where the software is installed is connected to the internet and you have a token provided by us or our distributor, you can activate the software in these 2 steps:

1. Launch Rhino, then select “Mesh2Surface \ Activate Software…” from the main menu

2. Enter the provided activation token into the empty box. Then press Activate


1. To activate the software, launch Rhino, then select “Mesh2Surface \ Activate Software…” from the main menu

2. Press ‘Copy to Clipboard’ as seen in the image and then press Close button on the dialog.

3. To obtain a license key, open your e-mail client and right click in the empty message area. Select Paste option from the drop down menu. The serial number appear in the message body. Enter the email address of your authorised Mesh2Surface reseller and cc us “support[at symbol]mesh2surface.com Enter a message reference and include your name details. Click SEND .

4. When you receive the License key (it may be in a personalised PDF file). Copy the Activation Key

5. Launch Rhino, then select Mesh2Surface \ Activate… and enter the provided license into the empty box. Using copy from the PDF and Paste here should prevent any typing errors. Then press Activate

If you find on exiting Rhino and then next time you launch Rhino that Mesh2Surface is not running, then exit Rhino. Right click on Rhino and run as administrator, then re-enter the activation key. If this is not possible, please contact your IT person to help you have access to do this.

Network Node
Mesh2Surface for Rhinoceros 5 64 bit version can be used with Zoo Server.
Contact us for integration details.